Top 10 ways to spend time together as a family


Whether you’re caught up in the pressures of modern-day life and looking to slow down and consciously spend time with family and friends, or just wanting to improve the quality of family time on weekends, we’ve got a few ideas for improving that special family bond and breaking the normal routine.

  1. Movie night – it’s not just about the movie: make an adventure of popping some popcorn in a pan, set up cushions, blankets and bean bags on the floor and snuggle in
  2. Story time – read a book together, or even better, encourage imaginations by making up a story together where everyone takes turns to add a few lines to the story, you’ll be amazed by where the adventure leads
  3. Cooking or baking – encouraging kids to get involved with food preparation not only encourages team work but inspires fussy eaters to try new foods (encourage a bit of taste-testing along the way), our family loves a DIY pizza night
  4. Go out for a meal – finding a local child-friendly café or restaurant can make the difference to everyone enjoying their brunch or dinner
  5. Eat in – choose a meal that’s a family favourite and encourage everyone to talk about something exciting that happened to them this week
  6. Walk it out – grab the pram, scooters or bikes and head to the local walking trail or park
  7. Go camping – whether you’re the glamping or roughing it type, removing all screens and technology for a weekend encourages getting back to nature and spending some time together outdoors without distractions
  8. Beach trip – what’s more fun for the kids than a giant sandpit and water to splash in?! Throw in a dash of beach cricket or sandcastle building and you’re sorted
  9. Explore your local park – pack a picnic and head to a local playground, there are so many great ones around
  10. Take up a family sport – get active and build your bond sharing a favourite sport, great examples include yoga, martial arts, bike riding/BMX or athletics

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